Punk And. Cena Set For Summer Slam, Jericho Slams Punk, Wwe/7

It is period of year once more ,.S.W.A. Championship Wrestling Proudly brings it’s biggest card of the year: Eric Brown Memorial XII. Eric Brown was an independent wrestler who worked under the name “The Regulator”. He died in a vehicle accident on October 29, 2001. The Ise.W.A. and his family was devastated by the lose, but we didn’t have to be able to grieve as Eric and his fiancee were expecting their first child. The D.W.A. decided to do a benefit, and that little benefit in to a yearly time honored tradition for the S.W.A. and the Brown family and the good people of Lafayette, TN.

High-end white Wine Essentially the most advantage is always to grasp the opportunities, opportunities that will be the secret. many years on the road, to do this lamp Red Green times considerably. King is the king’s a sense of feeling, get hard to maintain, has not been the utmost disputes. There’s no permanent dynasty, nor eternal unassailable.

Toronto once again hosted WWE’s Wrestlemania X8 in the Skydome, March 17, 2002. Hollywood Hogan returned to the Wrestlemania ring for his first Wrestlemania match in many years. Hogan and Flair really showed how old they are at Wrestlemania X8, which became increasingly clear that the new generation of wrestlers were stealing the big show. The Rock defeated Hollywood Hogan in the Icon since. Icon Match. In the Undisputed WWE Championship main event Triple h smashed Chris Jericho, proving once again that Jericho is more talk than action.

McKenzie then grabbed the champion and applied a crushing bear hug. But Carson might squeeze out of it and gather enough strength to finally slam the big man. Carson went for his Carson Kick, but narrowly avoided the referee as McKenzie tried on this him as being a shield. McKenzie then charged at Carson, but got rolled up for losing. Carson picks up the win and retains his moniker.

MizTV is next as well as was finest part for this “WWE Monday Night Raw” recap, as his guests were John Cena and Daniel Bryan. Both men delivered amazing promos, as Cena announced that Bryan is disrespecting him and Bryan said Cena didn’t respect him whatsoever. It ended with Bryan saying that in Japan, the wrestlers slapped some other to fire each other up, but he couldn’t slap Cena because Cena is not much of a real wrestler and doesn’t deserve that it. Cena then slapped Bryan, but Daniel laughed at him and said he didn’t deserve a slap back.

Wrestlemania X-Seven took place at the Astrodome in Houston, Texas. April 1, 2001, over 67,000 fans packed the stadium. Fans were treated to another tag team Ladder Match, only these occassions the Hardy Boyz threw in chairs and coffee tables. Nonetheless, Edge and Christian won the work for. The Iron Sheik won the Gimmick pubg. For technique time Stone Cold Steve Austin met The Rock in appropriate event. Stone Cold took down The Rock quickly as more. For the occasion Vince McMahon entered the ring, battling his son Shane from a Street Scrap. Shane bested his dad. Five championships exchanged at Wrestlemania X-Seven. To get the most championships that have ever changed hands at Wrestlemania.

Wrestlemania XXIII was held at Ford Field, Detroit, on April 1, ’07. The World Heavyweight Championship, WWE Championship, and ECW World Championship were all on the cloths line. The Undertaker defeated Batista to become the New world Heavyweight Receiver. John Cena, still in the rise, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile Uc Cheats Apk beat Shawn Michaels for the WWE Great. The most anticipated event of the night time was war of the Billionaires for your ECW World Championship. Bobby Lashley fought on behalf of Mr . trump and Umaga stood looking for Mr. McMahon. The billionaire loser was to have his head shaved. Umaga fell to Lashley. Mr. McMahon tried to sneak away, but was tossed on the barber’s chair and his head was shaved completely bald.

The main event was said to be CM Punk vs. Paul Heyman. However, Heyman arrived at the ring and called out Brock Lesnar and said it could be a handicap match. He explained either Punk would be stupid and accept possibly a smart coward. Instead, Punk attacked Brock from behind and destroyed him with a camera. As Brock stayed down in obvious pain, Punk chased Heyman up the ramp, for Curtis Axel to attack. Punk took out Axel whilst GTS and stood triumphant as “Monday Night Raw” ended.

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