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KUNDAL – is one of kinds of ornamental art. Kondal or in other words «relief painting» is one of the traditional fine arts widespread in Central Asia, which is still alive and keeps on successfully developing just in Tajikistan. Researchers traced this rare type of art back to the XV century A.D. when in some monuments of the ancient center of Tajik culture Samarqand (architectural complexes Shahi Zinda,Gouri Amir,Ak-Sara) had arisen a new type of interior decoration. At that time the surfaces of pendentive domes and stalactites inside buildings were decorated with ornamental painting rich in gold bearing a strong resemblance of brocade. The beauty of koundal lay in an intricate interlacing of parallel images, vegetative and geometrical combinations, matching of various colors, which one had to be able to read and interpret. .

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